ALMA Capsule

Client: Frederica Sousa
Year: 2021

Ph: Frederica Sousa

ALMA is an online womenswear brand designed and produced in Portugal.

ALMA is Portuguese for soul, as there is an undeniable link between what we wear and who we are. As advocates of slow-fashion, we offer exclusive collections in limited quantities. We created a brand where the processes are as sustainable as possible, down to the material of the tags. At the same time, we design pieces with a feminine silhouette, a high quality cut and a comfortable fit.

As part of the slow movement, it is essential to extend the life-cycle of our clothes, so we ensure that our pieces are durable and timeless, with effortless designs that will last throughout time. All our clothes and packaging are produced ethically and locally, shortening the supply chain and supporting our local community. Our clothes are either made from deadstock or sustainable fabrics.

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