Moonbeam Rebranding

Client: Moonbeam Inc.
Year: 2022
Video: Fábio Silva and Kika Montenegro

How much time do you spend on teleconferences in a car or the airport — trying to stay engaged with a mind that is focused on somewhere other than where you are?

Have you ever spent months working on a strategy with a remote team when an afternoon in the same room white boarding would get you all on the right track?

Have you every flown across the country for a one-hour meeting? Or is Zoom fatigue setting in? Moonbeam promises to change that.

Moonbeam is an american VR and AI company focused on technology scouting, helping start-ups and corporate innovatores source and solve.

I was comissioned to redesign their existing brand, unfold it throughout their digital and material communication, website and be the creative director of an explainer video shot by Fábio Silva and Kika Montenegro.

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