A cidade é a casa é a cidade é a casa

Client: Associação Francisco de Lacerda
Year: 2021

Collaboration: Giovana Jenkins
Artists: Ana Battaglia Abreu, Bruno Cidra, Inês Norton, Luís Plácido Costa, e Marta Soares
PH: Bruno Lopes

The exhibition “A cidade é a casa é a cidade” suggests a double action. On the one hand, it is necessary to look at cities (and their homes) through a lens that rescues their past(s) and is capable of (re)discovering, preserving and dialoguing with the set of testimonies that constitute them. On the other hand, it is also necessary to look at them through a lens that contemplates their possible futures and that is capable of believing that, in the wake of the current pandemic context, our forced (but necessary) delay-return to our shelter-houses metamorphoses into an opportunity to rethink ourselves as humanity, re-imagining new ways of collectively being-inhabiting-building this weak global city that is the world.

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